Who are Typically Involved in Back-Up Accidents and How Common are the Pedestrians Injured?

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People under the age of 6 and over 70 years old are most likely to be involved in accidents with cars driving in reverse. Places like parking lots, parking garages and driveways are the most common places for these accidents to happen because of the heavy mix of people and vehicles in the same space.

Back-up accidents result in about 18,000 injuries and 300 deaths every year nationwide. All of them could be prevented if drivers would pay greater attention.

The vehicles often found in these types of accidents are trucks, vans and SUVs. Drivers in these high profile vehicles can't see as well when someone is walking behind them. The popularity of backup cameras has helped to reduce the danger of operating a large vehicle in reverse, but these accidents still happen far too frequently. Drivers become complacent with the view provided by their camera and forget to look in their mirrors as well.

The best way to avoid being hit by a car or truck that is backing out of a parking space or driveway is by paying attention to your surroundings and keeping a safe distance from vehicles.

Whenever you are walking behind vehicles, leave as much room as possible between you and your loved ones and the vehicle that you are walking behind to give yourself time to react. Check for lights to see if the vehicle has been turned on. Make eye contact with the driver and wave so you are sure they see you. When in doubt, get out of the vehicle’s path and wait for it to back out before continuing on your way.

If you approach a driveway with bushes or shrubbery blocking the side view, approach with caution. Make sure any vehicles that may be behind those shrubs have time to see you as they are backing out onto the road. Never let a small child ride a bicycle or run out in front of a hidden driveway before you. A  driver may not be able to see someone low to the ground, but will have a better chance of seeing an adult and having time to stop.

If you or a loved one was involved in a backing up accident, you may have questions about which insurance will cover your medical expenses, how to recover for your time away from work, and what to say to the insurance adjuster when asked for a recorded statement. We have created the Pedestrian Accident Guide so you can find the answers to many of your questions in one, easy to read resource.

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