Best Way to Get the Highest Value of Your Totaled Car After an Accident

Video Transcription:
Immediately after an accident when your car has been totaled, one of your first concerns, of course, in addition to being injured, is how do you get the full value of your car for replacement purposes.

Let me tell you a little story. I had a client who had the same situation. They were in a accident and the car was totaled. They got a number, a replacement value from one insurance company, the driver's insurance company and it wasn't even what they owed on the vehicle much less what the car was worth. They called me very upset and I said get a number from your own insurance company and see which one is higher. When they did that it was $6000 more on the price their insurance company gave them which they clearly accepted and got their property damaged replaced.

This might be a bit of an extreme example. I don't normally see $6000 difference but I do see pretty big number differences between what one insurance company will pay and what another one will pay. So, I definitely encourage people to get a value from both before you accept something to replace your vehicle when it's been totaled. And, be sure to continue to make your regular payments until your loan is paid off.

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