I was Hurt in an Accident, How Do I Keep My Medical Bills from Going to Collection?

Video Transcription:
No one wants medical bills to go to collection and I think it’s something that keeps many people awake at night after a serious accident. With auto accidents, typically there is no fault insurance that pays the first $10,000 but many people have bills that go beyond that and if you’re not in an auto accident, there might be no insurance that’s going to pay the medical bills.

One of the advantages of working with a lawyer is that the lawyer can approach the medical provider and ask if they would take a letter of protection which is an agreement signed by the patient, lawyer and the medical provider that states that the bill won’t be paid until the accident case is settled. So, it puts off the concern about the collection and they won’t send the bills to collection. They will wait and hold the bill and then the bill will get satisfied from the proceeds of the settlement.

This is the first thing that many people want to find out about when they call a lawyer after they’ve been in a serious accident.

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