Do I Actually Need a Lawyer?

Video Transcription:
There’s two schools of thought. Some people believe that for every case, they need to hire a lawyer and go to a lawyer immediately. Then there are other people who don’t really want to see a lawyer at all and believe they can settle their case on their own. And, I think somewhere in the middle is where the reality of life is.

Clearly that everybody who is involved in an accident does not need a lawyer and clearly some cases you can settle on your own. In my practice, I’ll tell you what I think. If I think you can settle it, I’ll give you an example of what you can do and how you can get it done. But, I think if you have any type of an injury that is going to require continuing treatment, something that you went to a doctor and they feel that you are going to need continuing treatment and if they are talking about surgery, if they are talking about getting medical care in the future than I would always suggest that you talk to a lawyer because these are the cases that involve the issues that a lawyer is best suited to handle for you.

If you have a sore neck and you got treated and you feel better and you’re not going to need future treatment then it’s very possible you can settle your case on your own. But I think that the average person, quite frankly, has no experience in dealing with these claims. They have no idea what a case is worth. So when you have a situation where you do need future surgery, you do need medication and continuing medical care these are issues that you should have a lawyer deal with. Lawyers understand how to take care of these things because they have the experience in doing so and they also will know how much your case is worth and know how to go about getting the compensation you deserve.

Jim Dodson
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