How Does the Florida Crime Compensation Law Help Victims of a DUI?

Video Transcription:
Anyone who has been injured in a DUI crash, will in many cases have medical expenses and many times the no fault insurance, the PIP on your own policy, will pay and some people have health insurance. But in both situations there’s going to be deductibles that have to be met and co-pays in some situations.

Under the Florida law of the Florida’s Crime Compensation Act, if you’ve been injured because of the negligence of a DUI driver then you are entitled to compensation under that statute. The law requires that the insurance company waive co-pays and deductibles. So, it changes your relationship with your insurance company, potentially saving your thousands of dollars.

This is something that is administered through the Florida Office of the Attorney General, they run the Crime Compensation program. You have a time limit in which you must apply and you must explain that you were injured because of the negligence of a DUI driver. It is definitely something that will help offset some of the costs that the DUI driver has caused you.

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