I was Injured in a Cycling Crash, How Long will It Take to Settle?

Video Transcription:
One of the most consistent questions a lawyer is asked from a cyclist after they've been injured in an accident, is how long will it take for my case to be settled. Most people believe that cases like this take years and years to settle. But the reality is a rough average for a cycling case would be about a year to 18 months after the accident occurred.

There are some things that will definitely determine how long it will take for the case to be settled. The most common thing is how long does it take the doctor to tell the injured cyclist that their treatment has been completed. A lawyer can't move forward to get the case settled until the patient is released by the doctor.

Another thing that will come into play when trying to settle a bicycle accident case is if there is an agreement by the driver that they were at fault. This will definitely make the process quicker. And one more thing is, can a settlement agreement be reached. Meaning is there a number that the insurance company and the injured cyclist and their lawyer can agree on. If a number can't be reached that both parties agree on, then the settling process will be slowed down and a lawsuit can then be filed.

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