How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

Video Transcription:
Many people are anxious about hiring a lawyer after someone has been killed or injured in any type of an accident. I think there’s a concern that there are expenses that they may not understand, or that they are going to get a bill in the mail that they might not expect or that somehow they’re going to get a surprise at the end of the day and it’s going to cost them money that they can’t afford. And, I understand and respect that concern.

The unique thing about handling an injury case, particularly in our practice is that I tell my clients, you will only receive a check, you will never write a check. We have our No Fee Promise which basically means that you, the client will only pay a percentage of any recovery. And, if there is no recovery then the lawyer doesn’t get paid.

When you hire a lawyer for an injury case, particularly when you’re dealing with a firm like mine, there shouldn’t be any anxious moments that every time the phone rings the lawyer is on the clock, or the time is running or you’re going to be charged for speaking to your lawyer about your case. It simply doesn’t work that way. There will only be a percentage that is applied out of the recovery and that’s it.

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