How Do I Find the Best Attorney for My Florida Bicycle Accident Case?

Video Transcription:
You’ve been hurt in a cycling accident and you’ve decided that you really want to hire a lawyer. Let me give you five things to ask that lawyer before you hire them.

I think that most cycling accident victims that I run into have never had a cycling accident before so they’ve never had to select a personal injury lawyer and many people really don’t know where to begin the search.

I’ve got five simple things that you can ask any lawyer that will give you information that will help make you feel comfortable about this decision.

  1. Is the lawyer restricting their practice to personal injury work? Is the lawyer a cyclist? Do they know what it’s like on the road, the things that cyclists encounter? And, have they handled cycling accidents like yours?
  2. Do they have a rating of AV Preeminent from Martindale-Hubbel? This is the highest rating that a lawyer's peers rank him or her.
  3. Do they have a 10.0 Superb rating from
  4. Who will you be dealing with in the lawyer’s office? This is particularly true if you call the lawyer and they’re offering to send a runner to your house. After that runner leaves, who will you be dealing with? Will you actually be dealing with a lawyer?

  5. Has the lawyer written anything? Can they send you materials that they’ve published that can help you understand your case, the issues that will be involved with your injury and the claims process?

If you get answers to these questions you should feel comfortable in understanding whether the lawyer is a good match for you.

Have You Been Injured In A Bicycle Accident?

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