The Information You Need to Have Your Bicycle Frame Replaced After a Crash

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Today I want to talk about the one question you should ask your bike shop so you have the best chance in getting your bike frame replaced when there is no physical evidence that there is damage to the frame even though you were involved in a crash.

You would be surprised by the number of people who call our office that have been involved in some type of cycling accident where their bike took a direct hit either from a vehicle or an object and there was no visible evidence of damage to the frame. Now they feel uncomfortable about riding it and they are getting resistance from the insurance company on whether they can have their frame replaced.

We all know that carbon is a different material and it can damage beneath the surface. There can literally be cracks beneath the surface that aren’t visible. Carbon is designed to withstand a great deal of pressure and when there is force from a different direction it can crack. It is recognized in the cycling industry that when a carbon frame is cracked it isn’t safe to ride and it should be replaced.

The issue is that you are dealing most likely with a claims adjuster who isn’t familiar with carbon. And, if they are, they don’t exclusively handle bike cases, they handle automobile cases. Occasionally, they handle cycling cases and typically they will have a claim where the bike frame was totally crushed, visibly cracked or broken and it’s obvious it needs to be replaced.

The insurance company needs justification to write a check to you. So, the important question is how do we give them that justification when there is no visible evidence that your carbon frame is damaged beneath the surface. What I suggest is that you take the bike to a bike shop, especially to one that you have a relationship with, explain the mechanics of your crash, what exactly happened and tell them that even though there doesn’t appear to be any outer damage, you still feel uncomfortable about riding it. Then ask them this question… If this was your bike or the bike of someone you loved, would you consider it safe to ride or would you recommend that the frame should be replaced?

I think you will find more likely than not that most shops will agree that the frame should be replaced. If this is what they say, you need to get this in writing from them. This way you can give this to the claims adjuster so that they can use it as a justification in their file so they can issue you a check to replace your bicycle frame. Basically, you want the bike shop to put a written reason on their letterhead. Be sure they identify the frame, the cost and have them explain the circumstances of the crash and why it is unsafe to ride. And, be sure they state that they believe that the bike frame needs to be replaced.

If you have any questions regarding the replacement of your bike frame or you have other questions or concerns about a recent accident you’ve been involved in, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 727-446-0840. We are here to help you.

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