Reporting a Florida No Fault Claim to Pay Your Medical Bills

Video Transcription:
If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, one thing you might have a question about is how to report a no-fault claim to get the medical benefits. The benefits will come from your own auto policy, a family members or the driver who caused the accident.

In order to report the claim you will need to figure out what category you fall under. If you are going to report the claim to your insurance company then simply call them and tell them you've been involved in a pedestrian accident and request a claim number from them. The claim number will be used for every medical provider you see for your injuries.

If you live with a family member whose no fault insurance is covering you, then they would need to call their auto insurance company because it would be there PIP that will be paying your medical bills.

If it's the driver who hit you that will be making the claim then you will need to call the company of their policy, report the accident and request a claim number. Tell them that you are calling to make a no-fault claim.

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