How Can I Tell if I Suffered a Concussion After a Crash?

Video Transcription:
So, you’ve been in a car accident and you think that you have a concussion. There’s a lot of confusion about this quite frankly. There are some people who will tell you that in order to have a concussion you need to be knocked out. And, that is simply not true. Or, that you need to strike your head on an object. And, that is simply not true either. Many people will get a concussion from just the whiplash effect of the head moving back and forth quickly. This happens any many rear end collisions.

The issue is that when someone does suffer a concussion there is typically an alteration of your mental ability or your awareness. Someone may be totally unable to remember the first 30 or 40 seconds after an accident. And, that’s questionable. Were they actually unconscious or did they just have this foggy inability to recall what happened? Maybe they are just uncertain and their mind is unclear. Those are really classic hallmarks of a concussion. It’s this lack of awareness.

The reality is that the statistics are in someone’s favor because the vast majority of people with those symptoms will typically clear up in three or four weeks. But some people don’t fully recover and the symptoms persist and sometimes even get worse. This is definitely something that needs to be evaluated professionally. It should not be ignored because the sooner that it’s tied into the crash the stronger it is to make the correlation that it is in fact crash related.

So, if you’re dealing with concussion symptoms or you have questions about it, you need to be evaluated by a medical professional to get the diagnosis so you know what you are dealing with and receive the proper treatment.

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