How You Will Communicate with Your Florida Lawyer When You Live Out of State

Video Transcription:
One of the questions I know is on the mind of anyone who has been in a pedestrian accident or maybe a family member or parent has been killed in Florida is if you hire a lawyer in Florida but live in another state, how will you communicate back and forth.

First, let me assure you that this type of client relationship happens much more frequently than you probably think. In our practice we represent people throughout the state and many times we will meet with people initially in either our office or at their home, or wherever is convenient for them and this includes someone who lives out of state.

We have found over the course of the many years of representation that the vast majority of our contact with clients whether they live a block from the office or in another state is by phone or email. It isn't necessary to come to our office to discuss things with us face to face. Most of our communication is typically by phone unless for some reason a client has a particular interest or desire to come to the office to see us which they are welcome to do also.

There should not be any hesitation for someone who lives out of state to hire a lawyer in Florida where the accident actually occurred. In our practice, we have had many clients that we conducted all of the representation over the phone and we never actually met, and people feel entirely comfortable with that situation because of how they were treated.

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