A Broken Humerus Caused By a Serious Accident

Video Transcription:
The humerus is the bone in the upper arm from the shoulder to the elbow. It’s very common for it to be fractured in certain types of violent crashes, such as a pedestrian being knocked to the ground, a cyclist being thrown off their bike in a crash, and motor vehicle accidents.

The humerus typically breaks in one of three places. Either close to the shoulder, close to the elbow or what they might call mid-shaft. And depending on the nature of the fracture, some are treated with a sling and allow four to six weeks to heal. But if the bones are broken severely, it might require surgery including a pin or maybe even plates and screws to fix it. Fractures that occur closer to the joints can affect the elbow joint or they can affect the rotator cuff or the upper shoulder joint as well.

This is definitely a common fracture that we see after a these types of crashes but they are highly treatable.

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