I Would Highly Recommend Calling Jim’s Office for Personalized Service

Video Transcription:

Unfortunately, I was in a car accident where I was rear-ended at a high rate of speed. I was just sitting a traffic signal. It was rather extensive. I know, perhaps a permanent concussion. I had some damage to my back but the big thing was my shoulder which required a rather extensive and expensive surgery.

When I hired Jim Dodson it was a referral from girlfriend who works in another law office for a different type of law. Some people, who I totally disagree with, suggested that I could do this on my own. And, for me that was just ridiculous. I just couldn’t. You need someone who knows what they’re doing, who’s been doing it for years and they are in the know with providers and they know how to negotiate with insurance companies.

I would highly recommend calling Jim’s office for personalized service. This firm actually cares and takes an interest in your case. And, at the same time they will walk you through the process. I always heard back from Jim. If he couldn’t answer immediately, he would make every effort to get right back to me.

Everything in the end worked out very well and I appreciate everything that’s been done for me here at Jim Dodson Law’s office.

Each case is different and past results do not necessarily indicate future results.

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