I Tripped on a Cracked Sidewalk and Fell Down. Do I have a Case?

Video Transcription:
We encounter sidewalks everywhere, not just on city streets. They are in shopping centers, apartment complexes and many places we walk. They need to be maintained by the people who own them, whether this is the city or a private company or person.

A common example would be, you put in a brand new sidewalk, you plant a nice tree next to the sidewalk and over the course of four or five years, that tree grows under it and pushes that sidewalk up. If you fall over that you can get seriously hurt. Another thing that is very common in an apartment complex is when someone is moving out and they rent a big truck and they back it up over the sidewalk, crush the sidewalk and then drive off. The apartment complex, if they are not maintaining and inspecting their sidewalks, can be held responsible if someone trips and hurts themselves.

The owner of a sidewalk is required by the law to keep it safe and when they don’t do that and when someone falls or trips or stumbles over a sidewalk and they get seriously hurt, the owner is going to be held responsible. And, this is more than just medical bills. It could be pain and suffering, the ability to earn money and other damages which is all part of what they may be held responsible to pay.

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