I was Injured When I Fell Down in the Grocery Store. Who Pays My Medical Bills?

Video Transcription:
When someone falls in a store, if the store is responsible for the condition that caused them to fall, then they are going to be at fault and they are going to be liable to pay, not only medical bills but all the damages and ways this accident has affected someone’s life.

The idea of who’s at fault is going to be the first question that the lawyer is going to have to address. Is there evidence, is there proof of what caused someone to fall and did the store cause it or did they allow the condition to lay there long enough that they should have been aware of it and should have warned or removed it before the person fell?

So many times I get calls from people at my practice that have taken a serious tumble in a store but they hop up and they go on about there business and when you ask what happened, they really don’t have any idea. They didn’t see anything on the floor. They are not aware of what made them fall. Something obviously did but this element of proving that the store was responsible becomes very difficult when someone doesn’t know for sure. So, it’s important to take note of those things after a fall.

To answer the question, absolutely, when a store is responsible for creating a condition or allowing a condition to exist that way, they will be held responsible to pay for all the damages of the fall accident.

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