I Suffered a Serious Neck Injury in a Florida Car Accident

Video Transcription:
I think clearly one of the most common consequences of a car wreck is a herniated cervical disc, a neck injury. And, what I'm talking about is damage to the disc material that sits between the vertebrae and the spine.

When you've been in a serious accident whether it's a rear-end accident or a side impact or various types of car wrecks, the disc can be pushed out of it's normal position so that it hits or touches or inflames a nerve leading off the spinal column.

Classically, after such an injury the person would get numbness, tingling and pain into the hand, into the fingers, up the arm and into the shoulders. This can present a lot of different fashions and they are typically treated by a physiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon. Many times injections are necessary. And in the worst cases, sometimes disc surgery is required.

So, if someone has been involved in a serious car accident and they are having any of these symptoms of neck pain, particularly where it has a distribution of pain and tingling into the arms and hands, that needs to be evaluated by a doctor very carefully. Treatment needs to be pursued to make sure that what you're experiencing is being documented and treated so that you have the best opportunity to recover physically and to recover financially.

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