I Thought My Florida Auto Insurance Policy had Full Coverage

Video Transcription:
One of the first things I talk to clients about when they come in after a car accident is what kind of insurance coverage do you have. Invariably, the response is "I have full coverage." What people learn after they come in and meet with us is that full coverage may mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

In Florida remember, all you need to register your car is to have property damage to pay for a car if you run into them and PIP or No Fault to pay your own medical bills. And, you get your tags and you get to register your vehicle. And that is considered by some people, full coverage. But it won't do anything to help you if you've been involved in an accident and the other person doesn't have insurance.

So, take your declarations page that you get from your insurance company every six months or every year. Pull it out now and look at it. And, look at what coverage you have.

I've got resources here on the website. Research and find out what it is you need and make a decision today before you get in an accident.

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