I was Cycling in the Through Lane and I Thought the Driver Saw Me

Video Transcription:
I hangout with a lot of cyclists and I know that cyclists are aware of traffic conditions around them. It’s a matter of self defense. But this presents a little different twist on what we face everyday.

This is actually a situation that occurred to someone that I was speaking to recently. They’re on their bike in the middle of the day wearing bright colored clothing. It’s two lanes of traffic in both directions and the cyclist is going along the right side of the roadway. They are approaching an intersection that does not have a stop sign and does not have a traffic light. A car comes up to the intersection on their left and the cyclist is making eye contact with the driver to make sure they are going to stop because they have a stop sign. The driver does stop and the cyclist proceeds at his normal pace. Suddenly, the car bolts across the road going straight into the path of the cyclist and hits them broadside. As you can imagine, the cyclist has a significant injury.

So, what do you think the first thing the driver says when they got out of the car? “I never saw you.” Well that’s a little consolation to the cyclist who of course is seriously injured and now has claim against the driver.

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