I was Hit in the Head By an Object. How Can I Tell if I Have a Concussion?

Video Transcription:
The most common way that someone suffers a concussion is to have something hit them in the head. In our practice we’ve seen this in many ways. Tree limbs falling off a tree, paint cans falling off the shelf at a big box store, etc. We’ve had clients trying to lift something off of a display and it falls over and hits them in the head. There was an example recently in the news of a baseball player swinging a bat and hitting a fellow player in the head. The point is that one of the most common ways the brain is actually injured is when something falls and hits you.

Many people like to shake off these types of events. We don’t always associate something like this is going to cause a concussion, which is in fact a mild brain injury. If you’ve been through this type of an experience, particularly if you are having any symptoms, and these are subtle changes of how you normally think and function, check out the information we have available on our site. We have a brain injury guide that will discuss this in detail and we’ve got a check list of the most common symptoms of a concussion. And, if you find that you have any of these symptoms you need to see a medical professional and let them know exactly what you’ve been through and what your symptoms are. It’s important medically and it’s important for your case.

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