What Kind of Insurance will Cover a Cyclist if the Driver Left the Scene?

Video Transcription:
Hit and run accidents are very common. When a driver causes an accident and leaves the scene and you happen to get a tag number and give it to the police, they’re going to be looking for that driver. Sometimes they are found but many times they’re not.

If the driver leaves the scene, you can probably assume that they don’t have auto insurance and certainly if they are never found, you don’t know if they do or don’t have auto insurance. So, you’re dealing with what we would call an uninsured driver.

In this situation, you’re going to look to your own uninsured motorist policy on your own car. This is the policy, the insurance coverage on your policy that pays for what the hit and run driver should have paid for.

This is why it’s important to look at your policy and understand what coverage you have and make sure you’re adequately covered before an accident. If you have an accident, report it to your insurance company and let them handle the claim.

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