I was Hurt in a Car Accident By a Driver with No Insurance, What Can I Do?

Video Transcription:
It's pretty shocking to find out that 25% of the cars in Florida don't have insurance, so it's no wonder that people get hit by drivers who are uninsured and they cause serious injuries, day in and day out.

When this happens, the person who has been hurt has to look to their own insurance company, their own insurance policy and find out if they bought Uninsured Motorist insurance. This Uninsured Motorist covers everything that the driver who caused the accident should have paid.

This is the most important insurance that someone can buy when they drive their car in Florida because it will protect them from all of the uninsured and underinsured drivers, those that have some coverage but not enough coverage to pay all the harm they've caused.

Have You Been Injured In A Car Accident?

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