I had a Cycling Collision on a Trail and Now I’m Injured. What Can I Do?

Video Transcription:

If you were riding your bike on a trail and you were injured in a collision there are a couple of unique issues with this type of situation. The primary issue is that there must be an identity of the person who caused the accident. They did something that they shouldn’t have done. Either they turned unexpectedly, they lost control of their bike, or maybe they we were on the wrong side of the trail. Something they did was negligent to cause injury to you.

So the first issue is can we identify them? Do we know where they are? Do we know their address because these cases are typically built as a homeowner’s claim which is the other issue. Once the person is identified we need to find out if they own a home, even if they live out of state. If they do own a home and they have homeowner’s insurance it will potentially cover them for their negligence on the trail that caused injury to you.

Remember in order to have a claim that we can seek recovery for we have to be able to identify the rider and make sure we get their insurance information. And, this is the biggest issues I have seen in these types of cases because many times the injured cyclist can’t get the information they need or if they do the cyclist who injured them doesn’t have homeowner’s insurance.

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