If I Have to Have Surgery After Being in a Rear-end Collision, Do I Have a Good Case?

Video Transcription:
A rear end collision is the most common type of car accident we have in Florida. Typically, it is caused by a driver who is either not paying attention to traffic ahead or they're distracted. So many times they are looking down at their cellphone, adjusting the radio or turning to speak to someone in the back seat. And, when someone is sitting still and gets hit by a car moving 20 or 25 or 30 or more miles per hour, usually serious things happen to the vehicle that gets hit.

The most common injuries that occur in a rear end collision are neck and back injuries because of the way the head is situated and the weight of the head flying back and forth. It is very common for this to result in a neck surgery and even a low back surgery.

The law actually presumes that the driver that ran into someone is at fault. So, when this happens generally they're going to have a claim against the car that caused the accident. This claim will include and cover all of the ways that this accident has changed or affected their life.

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