Do You Know How to Be Visible on Your E-Bike?

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Hi, it's Jim Dodson, The Florida Bike Guy. So, do you know how to be visible on your e-bike? If you follow my live streams, you know that I've talked about visibility a lot because I think it's super important, and frankly, I see so few people that I pass on the road that are really riding in that what I consider to be a safe, highly visible attire.

So, remember that when we're on our bikes and particularly on e-bikes sometimes we're going faster on e-bikes than we go on our bikes. We have to separate ourselves as a rider in the visual field of a driver waiting to turn left, coming out from a side street, or passing you on your left and they want to turn right. Remember, drivers are making quick decisions. They're looking out for what's going to be a harm to them. They're not watching for us. We have to physically make ourselves as visible and stand out from all the surrounding visual clutter so that they see us, number one, and recognize that we're a bicyclist, or a person on a bicycle, that they need to watch out for.

You do this in a number of ways. Bright flashing light on the front of your bike during the daytime and night especially during the day and a bright flashing tail light. Go for the lumens. Don't get a weak one. Don't get a weak signal that no one can see you get the biggest, baddest, brightest light you can ride with that'll help pick you out, but it also applies to what you wear--super critical. I've talked before ditch the black, very manly, very invisible. You want to be seen. My grandkids tell me I look like a bug when I ride because I have yellow everywhere. There is such strong data from Europe particularly on just wearing a fluorescent colored jacket or jersey. Huge impact on being seen, like 50% increase on being seen, and that's what I did for a long time.

I was slow to realize we need high visibility colors on our ankles, on our feet, and on our shoes. Why is that? Because we're moving along whether you're on an e-bike or a regular bike in it's that visual motion of your feet moving with high visibility colors on them that registers with a human eye that this is a person on a bicycle, watch out for them. Okay. So, I'll just show you sort of what I ride with. This happens to be pair of socks by Specialized. Pearl iZumi makes some great ones. I've ridden with those. These are very important to wear when you on a ride during the day. Remember, the higher the sock on your leg, the bigger the area that you have is going to be seen by a driver, and there is some really, really strong data out of Europe how this significantly increases your ability to be seen. Don't overlook it. It is a big deal. Okay. I wouldn't get on my bike personally, without wearing high visibility socks.

Personally, I wear high visibility arm sleeves. These are Pearl iZumi.  I love them. I have had the same pair for many years. They're getting threadbare. I use them all the time. I've lived in Florida all my life. I don't need sun on my arms, but they are just another piece of the armor. Another piece of high visibility clothing that goes with your jersey, goes with your helmet, goes with your, I get, I usually buy shorts that have this color around the leg of the shorts, your socks, your shoes. I've got some high visibility shoes as well.

So I can't emphasize enough, and I'm amazed quite frankly  when I'm on my own bike, how few people, I mean, the person who stands out is so apparent to me and all the people that he may be one in 50, honestly. It's so few people that are doing this, and it's so critical. You want to leave in the morning, and you want to come back happy. You don't want to come back with a sad face. So, this is just one more thing to ensure that you're going to have a great experience on your e-bike. You're going to go out and have fun and come back and be safe.

If you have questions, we have a lot of information on our website. I'm Jim Dodson. I represent cyclists across Florida, whether you've been injured in a bike crash or as a passenger or driving a motor vehicle. If you need me, even though my office is in Clearwater, I'll be there for you. Okay. So, hope you enjoyed the program. I'll see you next time. Thanks so much! Bye.

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