Pat Said Her Experience "Was Just Very Reassuring and Calming"

Video Transcription:

I didn't know who to go to, what to say, what to ask. I know he does this every day but he just put me at ease and just tells it the way it is. Just tell the truth and that's, we'll take it from there.

If I had any questions, I just called them. They would answer. One thing that keeps coming back to me is the teamwork. Everybody knew what everybody was doing. It was like, you all have a meeting in the morning and, you know, like talk about me or, you know, you just knew if I had any questions it was just very reassuring and calming.

Judi would call me back, you know, she would just, or email me. I mean, it was within minutes. There was an email, you know, answering my question.

So, it was good. It was a good experience. I would recommend Jim Dodson Law to anyone that needed the type of representation. And even if I wasn't sure I would say call him and see if he's not the person for you, he won't steer you in the right direction.

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