What Type of Insurance will Cover My Scooter or Moped Accident?

Video Transcription:
My name is Michele Ross. I’m an injury attorney practicing here in Florida. I represent clients who have been injured in all sorts of accidents. From car accidents to slip and falls but some of the more complex cases I’ve seen involve people who were hurt while doing very simple things. Riding a bike, riding a scooter and even riding a motorcycle. Part of this is because the insurance that governs these types of collisions and accidents is different from that that covers a traditional car accident.

You might not be covered under your automobile insurance policy while you’re riding a bicycle or a moped. You need to investigate what insurance is available in every single accident. It could be homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. It could be uninsured motorist coverage through your automobile policy. All of these are details you need to discuss with a personal injury attorney after you’ve found someone you can trust. If you’ve got questions about your injuries and you’re concerned about how to deal with the insurance companies, call us today for your free consultation. We’re happy to help.

Michele Ross
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