Should I Hire a Large or Small Law Firm?

Video Transcription:
Attorney Jim Dodson addresses the concern that someone might have about hiring a large law firm versus a small firm. Jim, personally has worked in both types of firms for many years. He states that the perception of a large firm doesn't always meet the reality because what happens in so many larger firms is that they are dealing with a large volume of cases, turnover and personnel. In some cases, a lawyer within the firm is assigned to a case but before it settles they are no longer working there, so the case is then reassigned to another attorney within the firm.

When dealing with a smaller firm, you will be dealing with the actual lawyer that will be handling your case and not case manager. When you call the office typically you will talk to the lawyer or the paralegal assistant who knows and are the people working on your case. This is the type of personal service you would receive at Jim Dodson Law.

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