Will My Own Insurance Company Be On My Side After an Accident?

Video Transcription:
We would love to think that in every situation that when you’ve been a faithful insurance company customer and you’ve paid your premiums that when you get in an accident they’re going to be on your side. There is a lot of advertising about this. The reality is, partially, but mostly not.

When you get into the no fault insurance that they are required to provide by law, paying for your rental car under the terms of your policy, reimbursing you for the cost of your car that’s been totaled or needs to be repaired, they will pretty much do these things because they are required to do it and there’s not a lot of discretion that they can exercise in how they do that.

If you’ve been injured and you want them to write a check to you because of your injuries, particularly a large check, you can assume that they aren’t on your side. My experience in having done this for many years is that as soon as you become injured and you are making a claim against your insurance company for your injury, they’re going to treat you as they would any other claimant. And the fact that you’ve been a faithful policy holder for twenty or thirty years is not going to result in them paying you a dime more or less that they would pay someone else that they’ve never met.

You would be really well advised not to fall into the trap of thinking that they’re going to necessarily be, what you consider fair in evaluating your claim.

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