What Items Should Be Kept as Evidence After a Bicycle Accident?

Video Transcription:
After you're involved in a cycling crash, it's important to keep the items you're wearing and anything that's been affected or shows damage or injury from a crash. You might not expect that it's important to keep your gloves, your helmet, your glasses, and all your clothing but it may have some evidence that you were involved in a crash. You should keep all of these items. Don't wash them or clean the items. Stick them in a bag, set it aside and make sure your lawyer gets it.

When you take your bike to a bike shop to have your bike repaired be sure to get all the parts back that were replaced so you can keep those as evidence for the crash as well. Keep those parts and be sure to get photographs of all the damaged parts and accessories, scratches and anything else that was broken.

We had a case recently where the insurance company that was going to pay for the damage to the bike wanted us to send them all the damaged parts. This was the first time I encountered this. This is a reminder that all these items need to be kept because the insurance company could want them or they could be used as evidence in trial.

Jim Dodson
A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.