Highlands Bike Festival in Sebring, Florida

Video Transcription:
Hi, it's Jim. I'm at the Highlands Bike Festival in Sebring and we are just here at the Kenilworth Lodge and we just finished three days of riding. This is the event put on by Highlands Pedalers and they've done it for eighteen years and they've really got it dialed in. The ride today was tremendous. If you really want a country ride where you don't really see many places on quiet country roads.. we went through cow pastures and orange groves and actually saw a calf being born this morning which was really cool.

If you are really looking for a great three day event this is one you need to put on your calendar for next year. The food is tremendous and everybody talks about it. They've got the same cater they've used every year. I look forward to seeing you out here next year. 'Til then I'll look for you.


Jim Dodson
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