Jim Dodson Law at the Horrible Hundred, November 2015

Video Transcription:

Hey, it's Jim. I'm up here at the Horrible Hundred in Clermont in November 2015. I've got Louis here and Lewis is in charge of the Bike Safari that they do in April as part of the Florida Freewheelers. Louis was telling me that this is the 36th edition of the Bike Safari.

The Bike Safari is a "cyclist's vacation dream". You can go for three days or six days. You will be riding in some of the most scenic and beautiful roads in South Atlanta and North Florida. The food is catered, there is music and entertainment and we are also going to have Jim come up and talk to folks about what it is to be associated with a lawyer or a legal firm that knows and deals with cycling rights or cycling advocacy. We would love to see as many people as possible come up and check us out.

So check out the Bike Safari by going to the Florida Freewheelers website.

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