Cars for Moms

Video Transcription:
For the last 25 years or so, I’ve been involved with a great faith based, non-profit organization here Clearwater called Isaiah’s Inn and our mission is to keep families intact, return them to financial independence after a devastating financial loss and keep them in their homes. I’m on the board and at a recent board meeting the executive director was talking about the recurring need that we have of reliable transportation for our families. Our families are typically single moms with small children.

It occurred to me that I know a lot of probate lawyers who have estates that have vehicles in them from time to time. Sometimes it’s difficult for them to sell or move these cars out of the estate. We would like to reach out and ask probate lawyers and other people who have a car that meets our needs to allow us to purchase that car to help our families. Our “sweet spot” would typically be an older model, low mileage vehicle that is reliable between $3000-$3500 in cost. We would clearly take a donation. I think the families, heirs of the estate, should understand that any car that we purchase or is donated would be put to a good use.

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