Florida Pedestrian Accident Involving a Runner or Jogger

Video Transcription:
I've been a runner all my life and I understand that runners many times end up running or jogging in the road and there's not always sidewalk or path which sometimes puts runners kind of in the mix where cars are using the same roadways. Many of the neighborhoods we live in don't have sidewalks, so if you're going to run you're going to be on the street.

The law requires that if you're a runner you're supposed to run opposing traffic. But there's a lot of different ways a runner or jogger can find themselves in conflict with cars. They sometimes make mid-block crossings when they're trying to get to the other side of the street or on a different path. Sometimes the intersections are such that cars don't see them. We have low-light situations, night situations and other various reasons why a jogger may be in a position to be hit by a car. Not the least of which, of course, is someone who's distracted while driving their car.

If you find yourself in a situation where you're a runner or jogger and you've been hit by a car, don't accept the responsibility the police may put on you. We need to look very carefully at what the driver did or failed to do because they're driving the dangerous car. And, they have the responsibility to avoid a pedestrian.

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