One in Four Cars Don't Have Insurance in Florida

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It's pretty crazy to think that when you drive down the road in your car that one out of four cars all around you have no insurance, about twenty-five percent.

There was an article recently in the paper about a fraud scheme of people buying insurance cards in order to get insurance. You have to go show your proof of insurance when you register a vehicle or get a tag or title. Well, there's a big scheme out there writing fraudulent insurance cards for people in order to do this. So, clearly they don't have insurance. Other people buy insurance only to let it cancel. They let it lapse as soon as they buy it but then they still drive around without insurance.

So, it's a huge problem in Florida, not to mention all the people that have some insurance but not nearly enough to help you if you've been involved in a serious accident.

Find out what it is you need. There are plenty of resources here on this website that will help you do that and make sure you've made a decision about how much insurance you need and that you're comfortable riding around with and take care of it.

Understanding how much car insurance coverage you need and knowing the type of coverage you need to protect yourself can be confusing. Too often, even the insurance agent who is selling it doesn’t understand. Attorney Jim Dodson has created a very easy-to-read guide, that lays it all out for you. Get your free copy of Uninsured Motorist Insurance - Don't Leave Home Without It!

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