Mistakes You Don't Want to Make with Your Doctor After a Car Accident

Video Transcription:
If you've been injured in a serious car accident and you're treating with a doctor, being a good patient will absolutely help your case. Let's talk about why.

If you're a good patient the outcome of your case can be better. The first thing I would tell someone is you need to make sure that you are very accurate with your doctor about how you were injured. Mention it was a car accident. You want that description of the accident to be in the doctor's record and you want it to be accurate.

The second thing is don't feel like you need to exaggerate. So many times when someone is involved in a car accident for instance and they were hit at 25 mph but in the doctor's record it says that they were hit at 60 mph. This doesn't help because this creates inconsistencies.

The third thing is to make sure when you go in that you tell the doctor all of your symptoms. Don't leave out something you may not think is important that day because it maybe important two weeks from now. So, make sure that all the symptoms are reported.

And finally, just do what the doctor suggest that you do. If he wants you to go to therapy, then go and go the days he wants. And, if he wants you to take medication do it on the schedule they recommend.

These things as a good patient will help your case.

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