Five Mistakes You Should Avoid with Your Doctor After a Cycling Accident

Video Transcription:
There are definitely some things that people need to bear in mind when they treat with their doctor and there are things that they want to make sure that they don’t do that could affect their case, especially a cycling accident case.

  1. Make sure that when you go to the doctor you tell them that you were hurt in a bicycle accident.
  2. You want to be sure that when you describe the accident that you’re accurate. Don’t exaggerate the speed of the vehicle that caused the accident or hard you fell and what you fell on. Just be factual and accurate about it.
  3. Make sure all the symptoms that you are feeling are relayed to the doctor. People need to understand that it isn’t how bad you feel, it’s how badly the doctor’s records reflect how you feel. So, don’t leave anything out. If your knee hurts and your neck hurts be sure and tell them that and anything else that’s bothering you.
  4. Be sure you follow the doctor’s prescribed schedule for treatment. The worse thing you can have is missed appointments where the doctor’s record says “failed to show.”
  5. When the doctor makes a prescription for you to get treatment, get therapy, or get testing, be sure you do these things or have an explanation with the doctor about why you can’t. Why it won’t work for you.

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