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Jim Dodson, Serious Accident Attorney
"One of the things that we focus on daily in our office is a commitment to make the life better for everyone who touches us today. That could be someone that calls on the phone that we give advice to and send them in the right direction or tell them we can help them."

Kati Jones, Community Outreach Director
"I feel very blessed to work here because I come to work knowing that, I get to work with members of my family almost. They have extremely huge hearts, they're trustworthy and they're the kind of people that you want to have your back when the worst happens."

Judi Ware, Certified Paralegal
"After an accident, you're probably going to be inundated with paperwork from an insurance companies, medical bills coming in from hospitals and doctors, and some of them you might not even remember seeing in the emergency room. And, my job is to take those things away from your worrying.”

Kati Jones, Community Outreach Director
"We had a lady that came in one day and her brother had passed away in a pedestrian accident and she was crying and very emotional and kept telling Jim that she had felt like he was a member of her family, he was a friend of hers and that he was helping her get through the pain she was having from losing her brother."

Jim Dodson, Serious Accident Attorney
One of the most important things we do on a daily basis is simply listen. We listen to what you have to offer because you have the information about your case. Better than anyone else, you know what happened because you were there. Lots of law firms overlook this and they don’t have very good communication with their clients. We like to break those barriers and communicate with you. Whenever we have questions, we’ll be in touch because that is how we can most effectively represent you, and it shows in our case results.

Jim Dodson, Serious Accident Attorney
"I've assembled a group of people here on a very specific purpose. They didn't come here by accident. It's because of their character of who they are as a person. And, I will give you my word that we will always be honest with you. We're going to give you straight answers to your questions. I'm not going to tell you something today because I think it's something you might want to hear if we can't commit to that answer next month or next year.

Jim Dodson
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