Only Seven Percent of Cycling Crashes Occur Because of a Car Approaching or Overtaking a Cyclist

Video Transcription:

I read a statistic the other day which is a little surprising to me because I know that when I'm on the road riding I'm a little focused in my mind on cars coming behind me because we can't control it and we can't see it. But only about 7% of crashes occur because of a vehicle approaching or overtaking a cyclist.

The vast majority of our issues are gonna be something coming from your left or something coming from your right or straight ahead. So, I think if we keep our focus on where the real probabilities are, we'd go a long way to reducing the chances of something happening that we otherwise might control or prevent. So, we can't control the cars from behind us but we can control, a lot of times, all of what’s ahead of us, if we're really hyper vigilant about it.

So, keep that in mind as you go out and ride this weekend. Let's go where the numbers are. That's my tip of the day.

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