Three Common Misunderstandings About Concussions

Video Transcription:
I want to talk to you a minute about concussions and some of the common misunderstandings we see in our practice. I think one of the first is that you have to lose consciousness to have one and this is simply not true.

Another thing that people misunderstand is this debate about whether a concussion is mild, moderate or severe and maybe that affects how serious the concussion should be taken. In fact, these labels only reflect how long someone has loss consciousness. So the most common concussion is a mild concussion but bear in mind that a concussion is a brain injury and every brain injury has permanent consequences for the brain.

And, I think finally what we hear so many times, and we’ve gotten used to seeing particularly in the sports world, is someone will have a concussion and they’ll come out for a few minutes, and they used to send them back in the game which is terrible because after a concussion the brain needs immediate rest. Someone should not continue physical activity and they should not continue to use their brain for thinking and all the things that we do on a normal basis. The person should be taken out of the situation and let them rest while they are being evaluated.

These are three of the most common things that we see that people have misunderstandings about concussions.

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