What are the Common Symptoms of a Skull Fracture?

Video Transcription:
Skull fractures are when the actual bone that surrounds the skull breaks, typically from a fall or someone being hit by an object. It takes quite a bit of an impact to break the skull.

There are different types of skull fractures but typically someone who has a skull fracture begins to manifest symptoms. Many times it may be convulsions, swelling, nausea, and vomiting. They may also have some bleeding or bruising around the eyes, sometimes in the ears and sometimes there is bleeding from the fracture itself.

Skull fractures need to be identified. They are typically treatable but they can go on to produce other issues with the brain. It's pretty common when you have a skull fracture to have an epidural or intracranial hematoma.

24% of head injuries are skull fractures so they are pretty common but they can be identified and they can be treated.

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