Lumbar Injuries Caused By a Car Crash

Video Transcription:
One of the most common injuries we see particularly after a motor vehicle collision is low back pain. This is usually the lumbar area of the spine which is the last five vertebrae in the spinal column. Injury to this area affects so much of what we do in terms of our daily activities of living. Every time we bend, twist or move we are putting strain on our lumbar spine. So, when it’s been injured it is much more difficult to treat because it continues to get inflamed.

A lumbar herniation is probably one of the most difficult injuries to treat. They are not always able to treat them conservatively and many of them require surgery. Some of the most common surgeries are the fusion or the fusing together of the vertebrae so that they no longer have mobility but it will relieve the pain and pressure on the spine.

Anyone who has pain in the lumbar area should see a doctor who specializes in these types of injuries. They will need to determine if it is just a soft tissue injury or if it is a more significant injury. Once evaluated properly it will be determined what type of treatment is necessary.

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