Brain Injuries Caused By a Motorcycle Crash in Florida

Video Transcription:
Riders of motorcycles are not required to wear a helmet in Florida and many people do and some people simply don't. In a motorcycle crash, particularly when the bike is moving and the other vehicle is moving, when they collide the rider's body is subjected to a lot of violent action. And, the presence of a helmet does not mean that the person will not suffer a head injury.

There's a big misunderstanding with a lot of people that if you don't hit your head or if you don't lose consciousness you can't have a brain injury. This is simply not true. The feeling of being foggy, kind of "being out of it" or some loss of memory are all classic brain injury symptoms. You don't have to hit your head. Just the movement of the brain back and forth within the skull can cause a brain injury.

I want to tell you about a sad story of the importance of wearing a helmet and how it can affect a brain injury. We had a motorcycle accident case recently. The passenger had the helmet on and the driver of the motorcycle did not. A car turned into their path. The driver died at the scene from a brain injury. The passenger with the helmet did not sustain a brain injury just minor rib fractures. So, I urge everyone to wear a helmet but remember wearing a helmet is not total protection in every case.

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