My Child was Hurt in a Car Crash, What Can I Do to Protect Them?

Video Transcription:
The unique thing about handling an injury involving a child is that they are not good at voluntarily telling a doctor what hurts, how it’s affected them and how often it hurts. It’s very important for the parent to be observant, understand and communicate to the doctor every aspect of the child’s injury. How it’s affected them, when it hurts, and how intensely it hurts. Children always minimize these things in front of a doctor. And, a doctor can’t make a good treatment without all the information. This is why it’s important for the parent to provide this for their child.

Beyond this, every child injury case will have to be approved by a judge at some point before it can be settled. And, this is going to require involving a lawyer who’s familiar with how to get these types of cases settled.There’s certain steps that need to be taken. They have to be taken in a certain order and in order to do this smoothly I suggest you contact a lawyer who not only understands injury cases but someone who is familiar with handling a settlement over a minor’s case.

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