I Highly Recommend that if You Ever have a Problem with Cycling, Call Jim

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On January 13th 2015, my life took a very drastic change. I was in a cycling accident. While I was out with some friends, we were riding as a group and a dog attacked us. The dog took me off my bike and caused some pretty serious injuries.

I was cycling with a friend by the name of Keane, which was very fortunate for me because Keane was introduced to Jim Dodson's practice through a ride he did up in Claremont, the Horrible Hundred, and he advised me that I should contact Mr. Dodson's office. It's truly the best thing I ever did.

I did not know what my rights were as a cyclist. I did not know that I was entitled to be compensated from these people for my injuries. I just knew that my life had changed pretty drastically and I needed help.

I received a lot of good advice, no, great advice from Mr. Dodson. I needed to see certain doctors. I needed to do certain things to help get myself well. But, I also needed to know exactly what I needed to do to avoid these things in the future. That's really important.

All the time that I was dealing with Mr. Dodson's office, his assistant, Judi was incredibly helpful. There was never a time when I called the office where I wasn't gotten back to immediately. I had lots of questions about what I should be doing on a daily basis. I also became really depressed and it was really nice to be able to talk, quite frankly to Jim about things that were bothering me. I was so bewildered when I was hurt but you know I was really fortunate to have somebody to have the knowledge of where I should go to get help.

My experience with Mr. Dodson's office was nothing short of excellent. I highly recommend that if you ever have a problem with cycling, you need to call Jim. He's also a cyclist so he knows what it's like to be out there and how we are putting our lives in danger sometimes just by being on a bike. So, I'm telling you from my experience, you're in the right place.

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