I was a Passenger in My Friend's Car and They Caused an Accident, Will I Be Covered By Insurance?

Video Transcription:
When you're a passenger in your friends car and your friend drives off the road or somehow causes an accident that injures you there are two insurance questions that come up.

  1. The first is your immediate medical needs and those are going to be covered by No Fault. That's either going to be the insurance on your friend's car or if they for some reason did not have insurance it could be insurance on your own No Fault.
  2. The other issue is liability insurance to pay for your damages. The pain, suffering and other damages that you have physically from the injuries you've received in the accident.

If your friend was negligent, they were at fault, they did something they should have not done and that caused an accident, you have a claim against your friend under their general liability policy on their car. If your friend for some reason had no insurance, you may still have coverage on your own automobile policy using the uninsured motorist on your own coverage.

So, there is hope that you'll get coverage in these situations. You just need to carefully evaluate where that may come from.

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