My Husband was Cycling and was Hit By a Car. What Should He Do?

Video Transcription:
It’s kind of surprising that the number of guys that get hit in cycling accidents that don’t necessarily think they can or should do something about it. They’re not always calling a lawyer. Men are pretty famous for the mentality of “I’ll shake it off, I’ll be better, and I’m not sure anyone can do anything about it anyway.”

Many times when you are sitting there and your husband has been injured and you see the implications of what this is going to do to the family in terms of medical bills and maybe loss of income, you have in your own mind “is this something we should look at. Maybe there is something we can do and we should be protected and get recovery for all that we have suffered."

I would suggest to you if you are in that situation to talk to an experienced bicycle lawyer. No one is going to charge you a fee to pick up the phone and call their office and say listen this is what happened to my husband, this is how the accident occurred, he’s not calling because he thinks he was partially at fault or maybe the police officer made the suggestion at the scene that he had some responsibility in the accident. Or maybe, he just doesn’t know or understand how much it costs to hire a lawyer and he’s maybe afraid he might run into some legal expenses on top of everything else.

You can find out the answers to these questions on your own for free by talking to an experienced lawyer and give your husband the information that he needs to make the right decision. And, it will really be something that will benefit both of you.

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