My Mom was in a Florida Pedestrian Accident, What Should I Do?

Video Transcription:
Pedestrian accidents in Florida are very common. They can happen in a crosswalk, a parking lot or some other situation. Many times the victim of such an accident may live alone and don't have an immediate family member that lives nearby. Often times the person who is making the decisions for the family member who was injured lives out of state and they are either looking for a lawyer or looking for information on what they should do.

Bradenton pedestrian accident attorney, Jim Dodson has taken his 25 years of experience to put together an free guide that will help accident victims and their family members understand what to expect after a pedestrian accident. The Florida Pedestrian Accident Guide will give you information on what insurance will cover the medical bills, how to deal with the insurance adjuster and it will help you decide whether or not you need a lawyer.

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