My No-Fault Insurance Company Wants Me to Go to an Independent Medical Exam, Should I?

Video Transcription:
In Florida, your no-fault insurance company, the one that pays your medical bills after an accident, has the right to tell you to go to a doctor of their choice. The purpose of this examination is to determine whether further treatment is reasonable or necessary for you related to your injuries from the accident. So the law gives them that right and when the insurance company sends you a notice that you must see a certain doctor on a certain day, you have an obligation to do so. If you don't go, they will simply cut off your benefits.

Our recommendation is to speak to a lawyer after an accident before you go to an independent medical exam scheduled by your insurance company. There are things your lawyer can do. They can video tape the visit, be present to make sure that the examination is being done the right way for the right purpose because many times it has been proven that it's not. These examinations can affect your coverage and it can also later affect your case.

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