Am I Entitled to Pain and Suffering After a Pedestrian Accident?

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The phrase "pain and suffering" has become so common after serious accidents that some people overlook what it actually means. Quite simply, "pain and suffering" means what you actually went through. How did the injuries from the accident affect your life and how will it affect your life moving forward.

It's important to remember that there is no formula to determine what the "pain and suffering" are worth. It's something that will be based on the totality of the case. The medical records, the circumstances of the accident and how you come across as a witness explaining how the accident changed your life.

Attorney Jim Dodson believes that one of the most important things in terms of trying to figure out the "pain and suffering" claim is making sure that when you visit the doctor, you're telling them everything that is wrong. Be sure to tell the truth and be thorough. You want to be sure that all your medical records show exactly what you went through, what you have suffered, what it's like going through therapy and what it's like trying to put your life back on track.

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